2018 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a kind of corporate practice to not only create profits for the interests of shareholders but also fulfill responsibilities for all stakeholders. It’s intended to realize sustainable development by striking a balance among economic prosperity, social charity and environmental protection. HOPAX is dedicated to its CSR commitments by adhering to its three core values: innovation, sharing and social care. As indicated by President Kuo of HOPAX, in addition to meeting its responsibilities for shareholders, HOPAX also takes seriously its CSR to benefit its employees, surrounding neighborhoods, the environment, the whole society and even the whole world. Because of its persistent CSR efforts, HOPAX is given again the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award and the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Report in 2018. These honors are not only recognition of HOPAX’s dedication to CRS but also encouragement for its future CSR efforts.